28 Dec

If you need something green to brighten up your area or pass it on to the winter months, there is your crop. But before you buy plants, understand the location of your house or office because different plants have different needs. You need to consider six factors when choosing indoor plants if you want to be successful: light, temperature, water, moisture, soil, and fertilizer. Click here to Buy Indoor Plants Online in India

Here Are Six Tips To Grow Your Indoor Plants


Light is the way plants make food, so it is a very important factor to consider when choosing plants. Plants that need a lot of light would prefer a window facing west or south. Shade-loving plants will thrive in a window facing east or north.


All  most every indoor plants prefer daytime temperatures between 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 75 degrees Fahrenheit when nighttime temperatures are around 10 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are comfortable, your plants will be fine.

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All plants need water but finding what is too big or too small can be difficult. Every plant is different. A good guide to using your finger. If the pot mixture feels dry, then water. If it does not feel dry, do not wet it.


Most indoor areas do not have the high humidity that plants have in their native areas. You can increase humidity in many ways, including combining a few plants together or placing a stone underneath that is used to protect the furniture. Allow the water to settle in the saucer, but do not allow it to touch the bottom of the pot.

The Ground

The pot mix you use for your plants is also important. You can buy a wide variety of commercial jars. Suitable blends for molding indoor plants allow moisture, water and nutrient retention.


Fertilizer requirements will apply to certain plants, but generally, indoor plants do not require much fertilizer compared to when growing in their natural environment. Soluble water fertilizer used every few months for one portion of the recommended dose will suffice for most indoor plants.

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